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  • The following directory takes the time of 20221111184140 as an example, in the format of year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.
  • The host uses the default data directory /data/mingdao/ (which can be viewed by cat /etc/pdcaptain.json or cat | grep installDir= in the root of the manager).

Dump (available in v3.7.1+)

No need to stop HAP service

docker exec -it $(docker ps | grep community | awk '{print $1}') bash -c 'source / && backup mysql mongodb file'

The default backup file will be placed in the directory /data/mingdao/script/volume/data/backup/20221111184140/, if you need to change the path, you can add a new mount in docker-compose.yaml as follows:

- /backup/:/data/backup/

In this case, the backup file will be generated in the /backup/ of the host.

└── 20221201193829
├── backupFile.log
├── backupMongodb.log
├── backupMysql.log
├── file
│ ├──...
├── mongodb
├── mongodb │ ├──...
└─ mysql
├── ...

In the directory backup, execute the command tar -zcvf 20221111184140.tar.gz ./20221201193829 to compress the dumped file.

Copy File

In the directory /data/mingdao/script/volume/data/, mysql, mongodb, storage are the core system data.

Stop HAP service and execute the following command to pack the data:

mkdir -p /backup && cd /data/mingdao/script/volume/data/ && tar -zcvf /backup/20221111184140.tar.gz . /mysql . /mongodb . /storage