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Quick Installation

It is recommended to learn about standalone deployment mode first, and spend a few minutes watching the installation instruction video. Some of the content in the video may differ slightly from the actual due to the earlier version at the time of recording, but the overall process is basically the same.

Cloud Marketplace Installation

It defaults to the base environment having been initialized. You can visit http://{Server IP}:38881 directly in your browser to complete the subsequent steps (default path for the manager is /usr/local/MDPrivateDeployment/).

Manual Installation

  1. Prepare a Linux server with minimum configuration requirements: 8 cores, 24G RAM, 40G data disk (except system disk). Make sure that port 38881 is not occupied and that connectivity between the server and the client is normal ( When used in a formal environment, it is recommended that access to port 38881 be controlled through a security policy, and this address corresponds to some of the O&M functions);

  2. Install Docker. Refer to installation instructions for different Linux versions;

  3. Pull the Docker mirror of HAP Server (download offline package);

    docker pull
    docker pull
    docker pull
    docker pull
  4. Download manager

  5. Decompress manager

    tar -zxvf mingdaoyun_private_deployment_captain_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  6. With root permissions to start the manager bash ./ start (please make sure the manager is always running);

  7. After the successful start, access it in the browser via http://{server IP}:38881. Next, set the HAP system access address and initialization (the initialization lasts about 3~5 minutes);

  8. After the initialization, apply and bind the key in the current page, and create an administrator account to access HAP workstation.

Installation-free Experience

The overall functionality of HAP Server is basically the same as SaaS Edition. You can sign up for a HAP SaaS Edition account to experience it first.